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Unleash the Power Within






Anthony Robbins Live “Unleash the Power Within”
27th – 30th ofApril 2017 London

photoRockChicks, Jennifer van Balkom from LifeEngineer.nl and Saskia van Ommen from SaskiavanOmmen.nl are going to London. We want to go together with you to see Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within in London April 2017. This will be an experience we never forget. An event that will be unforgettable and change our lives.

Everything is more fun, when you share it.

Are you ready to let go of your old patters and habits? To enrich your financial, spiritual and emotional capacities in a short periode of time. This is an unbelievable 4 day event.

To experience this together we have lined up with Succesgids.nl and have a special offer for you:

We have managed to get you special pricing on this tickets for UPW and you can pay them now in 3 payments/installements. And at a very small cost! Normally that would cost you 20% extra. Booking with the Rock Chicks, it is only a small surcharge. How cool is that?

PLUS: Only until the end of august: Extra special ticket price!

And we have more extra’s this month! Give us a call. Jennifer: 0641297207

In 2015, we rented a large house with all RockChicks. This was an amazing experienced and gave us extra time to support each other and of course massive fun! We arranged this again for 2016. And you are welcome to join for 2017!

RockChicks Rock! And so do you!


We all want to achieve our dreams! Getting closer to our dreams,  Saskia and Jennifer started RockChicks on Tour. Why? Because we want to inspire, share and show what other great teachings are available to take your and our lives to the next level. Above all we want to experience these great events together with as many girls and guys as possible. Here is the first opportunity.

Anthony Robbins will be in London 27th -30th of April 2017!

A 4 day event that will transform your life! Tony will unlock and unleash the forces inside you to take our lives to the next level.

Discover Anthony Robbins in person together with Joseph McClendon on this trail-blazing event! So don’t miss the chance to see Anthony Robbins and Joseph McClendon live!

The weekend that will change your life in a revolutionary way…

Unleash the Power Within is a dynamic, indescribable, life changing 4-day event that will give you the possibility to unleash your unlimited power!

Learn how to live your life not based on hope or chance, but to design your own life, and to your own taste. Forget your old patterns and limited beliefs, and strengthen your spiritual, emotional and physical skills to create great results. Gain access to your almost unlimited inner strength and more and more.

What are you going to learn?20120219-onc-tony-robbins-14-949x534

At the Unleash the Power Within seminar you will learn from Anthony Robbins and Joseph McClendon to:

  • Create break-throughs
  • Act beyond your fears and limited beliefs
  • Reach goals and realise real desires
  • Restructure dreams into reality
  • Create satisfactory relationships
  • Understand and model the strategies of very successful people… in order to realize a spectacular improvement in the quality of your life!

As the ultimate physical metaphor of your new inner strength, you will walk barefeet, uncomplicated, over a bed of red-hot coals (the so-called FireWalk).
…and that is only the first day! (the FireWalk of course isn’t obligated, but most likely you desire to do so!)

So here we go… UPW London 2017 … WOOHOO! Here we come!

As promised we will give you whole bunch of extra’s, as you are worth it, being a fellow Rock Chick :)

To preregister for your UPW ticket: use this link or give us a call: Jennifer 0641297207
If you preregister today, you will also get a special audio by Tony Robbins..

So go check it out!


We want your journey to London to be as easy as possible and that you are prepared to the max: Mentally and physically!
This 4 day event will test your stamina, your physical abilities and get you way out of your comfort-zone.
It will fire start your life and give you a huge mind reset.
UPW will not be easy, but it is so worth it.
To give you a head start, this is what we selected for you and build into your package.

IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT! #morethenyouknow *bigsmile*

So this is what we will offer you, when you join The Rock Chick on Tour:

A UPW ticket and if you book in May many extra’s and at the best price. (give us a call to find out) PLUS+++

    • Travel kit ( we made a list of all the great stuff you need to make the journey as easy, healthy and fit as possible)
    • Special Offer on a KLM flight to London city (paid separately)
    • Renting a RockChick house/accommodation, walking distance to EXcel Centre London -if you want to join- (paid separately)
    • 6 weeks up to the event, you will get weekly e-mails with exercises and homework to prepare for the mental change that will come.
    • 1 month ahead, you well get an e-mail a day with quotes and videos by Tony and many more, to get you in the right state of mind and anticipation.
    • 2 weeks before, our physical body will be cherished, with a meal plan and daily tips to improve your physical health.
    • Meet up in Amsterdam to get to know all your fellow Rock Chicks and share the pre journey jitters
    • Ability to buy your own limited edition Rock Chick clothing.
    • List of books to read and enjoy, to prepare for the event.
    • during UPW event kit (list of all the necessary items during the event)
    • Open e-mail to ask all your questions
    • Pre event whatsapp group
    • From the moment you book your ticket, pre meetings with previous RockChicks (every 6 weeks)10678790_10203865760739667_1535001268563189407_n

If this isn’t enough:

  • Amazing journey with the RockChicks and become a RockChick yourself! Woohoo


RockChicks Rule!

Pre register your UPW ticket and Hotel here


We are so looking forward to have you on board.

jennifersaskia (3)

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