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Jennifer van Balkom (1976) ~

Passionate trainer, speaker and coach about Happiness and Succes. I believe that Happiness is a default state and we just sometime forget how to reach that place inside of us. With LifeEngineer, I show you how to get connected again to feel happy, inner joy and full of fire. That is how life should be. Over many years I collected different hands on and simple techniques to make that change you need. Life is ready for you!   Let’s make your dreams come true and create the life you love.

On a personal note: I love mornings, coffee, good food and the joy of sharing with others. And I also love penguins and sheep. I know an odd combination, but that is who I am: An odd one out :)  I have learned to be free of what other people think of me, and I can tell you, live is so much easier and more fun.

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Saskia van Ommen (1971) ~

Passionate food blogger, detox coach, author, speaker. Firestarter to get you to the next level, healthwise. Energetic, positive and ‘always on the go’ are my middle names :-). I believe that everybody should have the knowhow to eat & live healthy and organic in order to feel fit, happy and healthy. With good food, regular exercise, meditation, you will extent the quality of your life. I love to take you with me on this health journey. Everything I have learned and still learn everyday I share on my blog. Eat good food and you live happier, healthier and more balanced. The way to enjoy good food with delicious easy recipes and mayor helpful tips. Get in charge of your health!

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