We are so proud to present to you: Rock Chicks on Tour – The Fire Starters

+ Get inspired and grow
+ Push yourself to the next level
+ Join and be a Rock Chick too
+ Be informed about great events all over the world
+ Share all the fun and excitement during the events
+ Share your insights afterwards
+ Grow and fill your live with powerful new knowledge
+ Implement the new afterwards more easily
+ Get travel tips and advice
+ Love, share and start your fire

How it all started

It all started out, with a small sentence: “Saskia, I think I might be joining UPW again with Tony in march 2015″…”Wow, I want to go too!” “Ehm Sas, do you actually know what UPW is?” “No, not really, but I know Tony Robbins and if you say it is life changing. It will be really cool to see him live, so I am definitly in!” An idea was born. :-)

I send Saskia a whole bunch of video’s and links to Tony “stuff” and she got even more excited. Which again had a its impact on me and I got really excited too. So we were already planning the trip in our head and how we wanted to organize everything. And keep inspiring each other with more excited things we found on the net about Tony. This went on for about a week, when Saskia came up with another idea:

“You know, we should organize a challenge!” “Ehm about what?” “About Tony and all the good stuff, our ideas and share it. No not a challenge, a gathering, a crowd. We should go and see Tony together with even more people, more RockChicks. Wouldn’t that be great?!” “YES!! With a large group of RockChicks! Wow that would be amazing!” “And… and…, we could also show them more about the other events we go to and share our passion about that and inspire everybody to come and explore…” ‘And get inspiration from our fellow RockChicks”.


We want to share everything we know, to make you grow and together we achieve the next level. And that is even more fun together with you. So join the ride and be a RockChick to see Tony Robbins in London in April 2017. We will offer you a whole lot of extras and more.

Check it out: Join the Ride with us


It will be awesome! No, WE will be awesome! YAY!

Rock Chicks rule!

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